Current Adopters

Congratulations on adopting a Tri-Valley creek! 

Are you ready to get started? Follow these steps to schedule your volunteer event and ensure your group has a fun and safe time exploring our creeks.

Before Your Volunteer Day

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Step 1: Schedule your Event & Pick up your Supplies

Contact our Program Coordinator at least 10 days before you would like to schedule your event. This is to ensure there is no creek maintenance work scheduled during your volunteer event. You will need to know your event date, start time, and an estimated participant number.

You will also need to coordinate a time to pick up your event supplies. The Adopt a Creek program will provide your group with tarps, buckets, garbage bags, trash grabbers, flags, gloves, sharps containers, and hand sanitizer.

Contact our Program Coordinator

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Step 2: Print out your Group’s Waivers

All volunteers must fill out a waiver to participate in Adopt a Creek events. Print copies of the waiver below and bring it with you to the event. Volunteers under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent/guardian.
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Step 3: Download the CleanSwell App

Tracking how much litter your group collects is very important. This data allows us to see where litter is located, what materials are the most common, and helps us make informed policy decisions to combat trash.

The easiest way to track how much litter your group collects is by downloading the Ocean Conservancy’s Clean Swell app. Encourage your group’s volunteers to download it before the event. We also recommend bringing external cell phone chargers to your volunteer day to preserve battery life.

Prefer paper over apps? Download and print the form below to track litter collected during your event.
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Step 4: Download Your City's Reporting App

Each Tri-Valley city has their own app that citizens can use to report issues within their community. If your group finds any graffiti or items that are too large to remove, please report them to the city through these apps. Use the links below to download the correct app for your creek section’s location.

Fix it Dublin

Livermore Connect

Pleasanton: Mobile Citizen

During Your Volunteer Day

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Step 1: Review Safety Information with your Group

It is important to make sure that your volunteers know how to stay safe during your event. Before you get started, gather your group, and go over the safety information below.
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Step 2: Have Fun!

Think about organizing a social event along with the cleanup day. This could be something as simple as getting together for pizza at a local restaurant or a picnic at a local park. Turning your cleanup day into a fun, social event will make the experience something that volunteers will want to repeat.

After Your Volunteer Day

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Optional: Submit Any Paper Forms

After your volunteer day, you will need to submit your volunteers’ waivers to our Program Coordinator. If you used the paper form instead of the Clean Swell app, you must also submit this to the Program Coordinator. These forms can either be mailed or submitted through email.
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