Protecting Our Creeks
One Cleanup at a Time

Creeks Since 2012

Who We Are

The Adopt-a-Creek-Spot program is a team effort involving several local groups, including the cities of Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, the Zone 7 Water Agency, and the Alameda County Resource Conservation District. Together, we are on a mission to keep our creeks healthy and clean in the Tri-Valley area.

We teach residents about the creeks and how to keep them clean by picking up trash and ensuring pollution from the streets doesn’t get into storm drains and creeks.

USPs of the Program

Restore Habitat

Prevent Flooding

Protect Water Quality

Educate Our Community.

Our Cleanup Events

We host regular creek cleanup events where volunteers gather to pick up trash, remove invasive plants, and monitor water quality. These events are a great way to make a positive impact on the environment while also getting to know your local community.

Community Action

By bringing together individuals and organizations from all walks of life, we create a network of people who are passionate about protecting natural resources.


By signing up for the Adopt-a-Creek-Spot program, you can make a difference in our community and the environment. Help us protect the beautiful Tri-Valley creeks and the wildlife that depends on them. Together, we can create a cleaner and healthier future for everyone!

Why Clean Creeks Matter

Healthy creeks indicate a thriving ecosystem. They provide clean water for drinking, irrigation and recreation, and are home to many plants and animals. When our creeks are polluted, it affects not just the creek itself but can lead to larger environmental issues.
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