Spot 3 - Arroyo Seco at First Street

AdoptACreek 3smThe Arroyo las Positas watershed is comprised of a number of tributaries: Arroyo Seco, Altamont Creek, Cayetano Creek, Collier Creek, and Cottonwood Creek. In general, this watershed is characterized by heavily incised channels through mainly commercial, agricultural, and ranch lands.

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 View of Arroyo Seco passing under First Street in Livermore

Arroyo Seco is situated on the southeast side of Livermore and extends into the Altamont foothills. This trash pick-up site is located on the downstream (westerly) side of where Arroyo Seco crosses under First Street in Livermore. It is immediately adjacent to the Target Shopping Center to the south and to I-580 to the north.

The shopping center and the highway / major roadways are likely the major contributors of trash in this area.

The site is not publically accessible without permission from Zone 7. A graveled maintenance road runs alongside the creek. All trash clean-up will be done from the side of the creek with the road; volunteers will not cross the creek.

Family of ducks seen August 2, 2012 on Arroyo Seco

View of Arroyo Seco “trash hot spot” and maintenance road

There is no parking onsite. Do not park at the Union 76 gas station. It’s a very short walk to the site from the parking lot at the adjacent Target shopping center (park near the FedEx store).