Spot 4 - Arroyo Mocho in Robertson Park

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Arroyo Mocho in Robertson Community Park

As the Arroyo Mocho begins its flow into Livermore, tumbling over gravel and sand beds, it courses under Concannon Boulevard near South Livermore Avenue. As the stream continues on, "the Mocho" bisects Robertson Park, running parallel to trails, sports fields, picnic areas, an equestrian arena, and much more. And yet, the arroyo area is home to an amazing array of plant species and wildlife. It is truly a peaceful slice of nature in the middle of all this human activity.

Arroyo Mocho in Robertson Community Park

This park, opened by LARPD in 1966, now hosts numerous daily casual park visitors as well as large crowds attending special events. All this activity can lead to varying levels of trash being dropped or blown around the park. Eventually, much of this trash can end up in the Arroyo Mocho.


Arroyo Mocho

Because the Mocho travels within the entire length of Roberson Park, several Adopt-A-Creek-Spot sites have been identified within the park.