Spot 10 - Arroyo Mocho at Arroyo Road

AdoptACreek 10

Channel Ownership: Zone 7 Water Agency

Current Adopter: Sunrise Mountain Sports

Site Captain: Phil Pierpont

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Spot 10 is located on Arroyo Mocho in Livermore, upstream (east) of Spot 5. This reach between Arroyo Rd. and Holmes St. is often referred to as the Medeiros Parkway.

The Arroyo Mocho is an intermittent stream that flows northwesterly through unincorporated Alameda County and is one of the three natural main channels discharging runoff from the southern hills of the Livermore valley. This section of Arroyo Mocho is still in a natural-like form with a uniquely continuous wide riparian corridor within the otherwise urban/suburban context of Livermore.

A berm runs along Arroyo Mocho, separating the channel from an historical gravel mining pit – an area now called the Oak Grove Nature Reserve. The Arroyo Mocho Trail runs along the top of the berm and is a highly popular regional trail. Unfortunately, this area is also prone to homeless encampments. These are likely the major contributors of trash in this area.

Zone 7 Water Agency is currently developing plans for The Arroyo Mocho Floodplain and Riparian Forest Restoration Project, which will help address regional flooding and sediment management issues by reconnecting the stream with more of its adjacent floodplain.

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