Spot 8 - Altamont Creek & Arroyo Las Positas at Bluebell Dr.


AdoptACreek 8sm

Channel Ownership: City of Livermore

Current Adopter: The Henry Family

Site Captains: Mike & Jeanette Henry

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Spot 8 includes areas along both Arroyo las Positas and Altamont Creeks in Livermore’s Springtown neighborhood. These creeks convey both natural runoff as well as water from the South Bay Aqueduct (SBA) that is released to restore groundwater supply. Because of local geology, the surface water in this reach has high salt content.

Spot 8 is located adjacent to the Springtown Golf Course – an area known to be home to many different species of birds that live or migrate through this area. Don’t be surprised to find a frog or two here, too! It’s also near the Springtown Preserve – a special ecological area characterized by wetlands, grasslands with alkali sink scrub, and vernal pool habitat.

Upstream shopping areas and the highway / major roadways are likely the major contributors of trash in this area.

S8 Ducks

S8 Habitat