Creek to Bay Cleanup

The Annual Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest statewide and international effort to clean trash and debris from beaches, bays, creeks, rivers, and lakes. In Livermore, volunteers of all ages come to help clean up trash and debris from eight Livermore creek sites each September. 

Removing trash and debris from neighborhood creeks improves the beauty of neighbourhoods and helps protect both water quality and aquatic habitat in creeks. Studies have shown that much of the garbage found in San Francisco Bay and along the California coast originates from inland sources. It often starts as trash that blows into storm drains and ends up in creeks and other waterways that flow to the Bay. The Tri-Valley Creeks to Bay Clean-up was coordinated by the Adopt a Creek Spot Program and Living Arroyos with support from the City of Livermore, Zone 7 Water Agency and Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. 

To learn more about the Coastal Cleanup Day throughout California visit the California Coastal Commissions website: