Adopter Forms

Adopt a Creek Spot Request Form

Adopt a Creek Spot Request Form

Below is the information required to sign up for our program.  Download the form here

Your request will be processed and the Adopt a Creek Spot Coordinator will contact you. If you have any questions or special needs, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Name of Group/Individual: _____________________________________

Today’s Date: _________________

Primary Contact Person: __________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: ____________________

Phone: ________________________ Fax: _______________________ Cell: ________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________________________

Proposed Adopt a Creek Spot:

1. Please check the creek spot to be adopted from the Livermore Adopt A Creek Spot Map:

  • Arroyo Mocho @ Stanley  
  • Arroyo Las Positas @ N. Livermore  
  • Arroyo Mocho @ Holmes
  • Arroyo Las Positas @ Northfront  
  • Arroyo Mocho @ Robertson Park  
  • Arroyo Seco @ First
  • Arroyo Mocho @ Granada Native Gardens
  • Arroyo Las Positas @ Heather
  • Arroyo Mocho @ Arroyo
  • Altamont Creek & Arroyo Las Positas @ Bluebell   

2. Please check the scope of work to be performed at the creek spot:

  • Regularly picking up trash and other debris, and reporting total volume collected by June 1st
  • Photography and/or sketch mapping the adopted spot
  • Enhanced Activities:

  • Painting over graffiti
  • Marking storm drains
  • Removing weeds and other unwanted vegetation
  • Planting site-appropriate plants
  • 3. Approximately how often do you plan to perform work activities at the creek spot:

    • Daily       weekly       monthly     bi-annually       annually
    • Other (please list): ________________________________________________________________

    Note: Adoptees are required to perform at least one work day.

  • 4.Generally, what days(s) of the week will you perform work at the creek spot?
  • Mon   Tues   Wed   Thurs   Fri   Sat   Sun  

      Time of day: _______ to ________

  • 5.Approximately how many volunteers will be working in the creek spot at any one time? _____________