Adopter Forms

Getting Started

Getting Started

Adoptees are asked to sign up for a one year commitment with at least one work day to the Adopted spot, although they may choose to extend their commitment at the end of the first year upon approval from the Adopt a Creek Spot Coordinator. The Coordinator will provide the Adoptee with specific details for each spot during the Adoption process.

How to Adopt a Creek Spot

Choose a prequalified creek spot from the Adopt a Creek Spot Program Map and fill out an Adopt a Creek Spot Program Request Form. The Adopt a Creek Spot Coordinator will then follow up with you about your request form and may provide you with additional paperwork if necessary.


Work Day Planning Steps:

  1. Notify the Spot Coordinator at least 24-hours in advance of performing Basic Activities and 10-days in advance in performing Enhanced Activities. The Coordinator will ensure there is no maintenance work scheduled during your work day.
  2. The Spot Coordinator will confirm receipt of any required paperwork from all participants, and provide you with the Adopt a Creek Spot Program Safety Sheet, necessary supplies and technical guidance.
  3. All participants must review the Adopt a Creek Spot Program Safety Sheet before the work day, and follow the safety guidelines in the Adopt a Creek Spot Program Safety Sheet at all times.
  4. Perform the work satisfactorily, and have fun!
  5. Notify the Spot Coordinator the following business day of performing work activities. The Coordinator will ensure that the recyclables, green waste and garbage are properly handled.