Adopt Spot

To find out which creek spots are available for adoption, view the spots on the Adopt a Creek Spot Program Map.

Creek Spot Adoptees will be provided the opportunity to perform Ongoing and/or Additional activities as detailed below.  Additional activities will require training and authorization from the Adopt a Creek Spot Coordinator.

 Ongoing Activities include:

  • Regularly picking up trash and other debris, and reporting total volume collected by June 1st
  • Photography and/or sketch mapping the adopted spot

Additional Activities include:

  • Painting over graffiti
  • Marking storm drain
  • Removing weeds and other unwanted vegetation
  • Planting site-appropriate plants
  • Site monitoring
  • Special events

The Program Coordinator could provide Adoptees with the following supplies and/or services as appropriate, and recognize the Adoptees commitment and hard work with a recognition sign at the adopted creek spot:

Supplies Provided:

  • Clean-up kits
  • Graffiti removal kits
  • Storm drain marking kits
  • Gardening tools for maintenance/restoration projects


  • Guidance with clean-up planning
  • Trash and recyclables disposal
  • Technical assistance for maintenance/restoration projects
  • Educational presentations and activities

If you want to beautify a creek spot, Getting Started is easy.

For more information, email the Adopt a Creek Spot Program here.